There are many reasons for impotence. Erectile dysfunction was long believed to be caused by psychological issues. However, doctors no longer believe this view. Doctors believe that around 70% of patients with erectile dysfunction have an underlying disease. Erectile dysfunction is more common in men older than 50. In younger men, psychological causes are predominant. But no matter what the causes of this problem are, Eroxel will help you fight impotence without causing any side effects, because it is completely natural: Eroxel Original

How an Erection Develops

It is a complex process. To make the member stiff, nerves and muscles must work in perfect coordination. The member is made stiff by the corpus cavernosum (penile corps cavernosum). This bipartite, paired corpus can be used to assist in erection.

Erotic stimuli stimulate the nerve centers of the brain and spinal chord. These centers send impulses through the penile nerves, which then release messenger substances. These substances cause muscle tissue to relax and blood vessels in the penis become wider. This causes a huge influx of blood that is approximately 700 percent of the normal resting flow. As the corpus cavernosum of penis becomes more full, the lengthening process begins.

Pressure also rises due to increased blood volume in the penile corpus Cavernosum. The venous drainage vessels are affected by this, and less blood can flow out. This causes the penis to enlarge. The penile nerves control this process. Blood outflow is completely disrupted by contraction of the pelvic floor muscles. The corpora cavernosa pressure is now higher than the blood pressure. The penis has become completely stiffened and protrudes at an angle of approximately 90 degrees from the body. The penis’ stiffness and position make it possible to have sexual intercourse and ejaculation. Blood flows back out after ejaculation thanks to the involvement of the autonomic nerve system. The penis shrinks back to its normal size.

Triggers: Diseases

Potency problems can also be caused by other conditions and diseases. These include:

  • Tumor diseases
  • Testicular and prostate diseases
  • Radiation therapy for cancer
  • Operation on the bladder, bowel and prostate.
  • Blockages of the lumbar spine and herniated discs can cause damage to the spinal chord.
  • Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s dementia, stroke, and other diseases affecting the central nervous systems include multiple sclerosis.
  • Testosterone deficiency
  • Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism

Potency is affected by Alcohol, Drugs, and Nicotine

Because of its vasodilating and disinhibiting effects, moderate alcohol consumption can cause erection. Alcohol can cause potency if consumed in excess. Erectile function is already impaired if the blood alcohol level is between 0.4 and 0.5 mille. If it exceeds one mille, it can be completely lost.

Only in rare cases will men who consume alcohol excessively lose their ability to function. If alcohol is consumed regularly and in large amounts, the central or peripheral nervous systems can be affected. This can result in nerve centers in the brain, spinal cord and heart not being able send impulses to penile nerves. Because of this it is best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and adding Eroxel to your diet. Thanks to its excellent ingredients you will be able to enjoy your intimate life again without any problem: Eroxel Test